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Without wanting to seem presumptuous, we have collected a series of reviews, from specialized publications, that sing our praises:
Ristoranti d’Italia (Restaurants of Italy) 2000 – Gambero Rosso Editor
The distance as the crow flies between the Duomo of Florence and the trattoria is modest, but the peace and tranquility of this location give the impression of being in the open countryside. From the veranda there is a splended view of Florence. The locale and cuisine are unabashedly Tuscan, and this is also reflected in the wine list. Start with the classic mixed bruschette with coccoli (fried dumplings) and stracchino cheese. Next, pappardelle pasta in a hare sauce, and tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, both very good, and the house specialty of meat deep fried in a batter that has a "spider web" effect. Dessert to finish off.
<< The evaluation takes into consideration the cuisine, wine list, service and ambiance.
Ristoranti d’Italia (Restaurants of Italy) 2000 – Gambero Rosso Editor
…[I Ricchi] is always trendy with Florentines who, especially in the summertime, go to the hills to escape the oppressive humidity of the city. As well, the famous "spider web" fried meat and vegetables (chicken, rabbit, artichokes and zucchini) remain an undeniable attraction; many people, in fact, come to fill up on that alone. A series of Tuscan specialties complete the menu: from chicken-liver crostini to ribollita (a cabbage, bread and vegetable soup), pappa al pomodoro (a dish consisting of tomatoes, bread, and spices) to tagliatelle with mushroom sauce, not to mention the grilled meat and the ever-present bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine-style steak). The wine list is mainly Tuscan.
Service is cordial and friendly. There is a lovely summer garden, shaded by trees, that offers a view of the Florentine hills. An authentic oasis for whoever wants to escape the summer heat, this locale is famous among Florentines who come to taste the famous Cercina fried chicken (unbeatable accompanied by artichokes and zucchini)...

La Guida d’Italia 1999 (The Guide of Italy 1999) – L’Espresso
"Attracting many Florentines who go on short trips outside the city limits, the locale is perfect for a summer meal featuring genuine home cooking, with generous portions.... The service is efficient and fast, as we have come to expect..... crostini, ribollita, penne strascicate, ricotta and spinach ravioli, mixed grilled meat and above all the "spider web" mixed fried platter, the traditional house specialty...."
Tascabile TV (Pocket TV) – Nominee for the 1998 PEGASO prize
Selected as one of the best restaurants in Tuscany, by popular vote"

Florence and the Chianti Classico region – Gambero Rosso Editor
…."The location, among the wooded hills behind Florence, is splendid… The cuisine is classic Tuscan,…. but at I RICCHI one must absolutely try the "spider web" fried dishes"
A Tavola (At Table) 1995
A trattoria without a sign over the front door.... cuisine equals enthusiasm, and dining equals the desire to communicate"
Guide to the locales in Florence 1997 – Firenze Spettacolo
Fans of traditional cuisine will not forget a special chapter dedicated to the fried dishes, both meat- and vegetable based."
Mangiardove 1995 – La Nazione
This locale is characterized by the friendliness and courtesy of its staff. An old rustic-style farmhouse, it boasts terracotta-tiled ceilings, two small and very elegantly-furnished dining rooms, and a lovely nearby food shop. The cuisine is classic Tuscan, with rich appetizers focusing mainly on coldcuts, first courses prepared with fresh pasta, as well as the classic farro or onion soups or ribollita; the real specialties are the mixed fried dishes of chicken, or rabbit and vegetables. A lovely wood-burning stove provides charcoal for excellent grilling.
The fried dishes, what a specialty! – La Repubblica
The road to Cercina, which begins right after Careggi, is beautiful: green as far as the eye can see, splendid houses, churches of different eras and even a stream, the Serpiolle, that takes on a new appearance, as does the scenery, with each change of season. During the summer the restaurant is ideal for escaping the city heat, while during the cold months, especially for lunch, it is the perfect excuse to take a trip to the country on the hunt for new adventures. But what makes "I Ricchi" special is without a doubt the "spider web" fried dishes, with their original appearance and truly generous portions.
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