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Trattoria "I RICCHI"
Via della Docciola 14 - Località Cercina (Sesto Fiorentino) Firenze, Italy

I Ricchi is located in the hamlet of Cercina, a few kilometres outside Florence. In the past, Cercina was an important cultural centre. The Church of Sant’Andrea a Cercina, once known as "S. Gerusalem in Cercina", is one of the most important and oldest churches of the entire Florentine diocese; its history goes back to the Lombards. A Renaissance portico and unusual bell tower, believed to date back to the year 1000, complete its rustic elegance.

The Castiglione Castle, in Cercina, (erge) is erected on a hilltop (450 m) from which it dominates the town and valley. From its glorious past remain the name, the memories, the tower and the outside walls.

The Church of Sant’Andrea a Cercina
The Castiglione Castle
Like arriving

- From Roma:
Escapes the A1 to head in direction Piazza della Libertà, to exceed cavalcavia and the Piazza della Curein direction via Faentina, to continue to right on the SR302, subsequently to feed to right the SR65 (via Bolognese), to catch up the Cemetary of Trespiano and then Pian di San Bartolo: after approximately 4 km on the left you will find via of the Docciola.

- From Milano:
From the escape of A1-Florence north, to continue in direction of the Hospital of Careggi. Endured behind the Hospital, that is in the opposite part regarding the income, feed Via delle Gore, and you always follow it to right for approximately 6 kilometers; you will find Serpiolle and Cercina then.

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