I Ricchi is a trattoria that began in 1929 as a food shop (which is still in business), and has been serving typical Tuscan cuisine to four generations of Florentines. We are located a few kilometres from Florence, in Cercina, a small town with a rich cultural past, in the midst of olive trees and part of the Monte Morello park area. The qualities that have made us famous in Florence are our family traditions, enriched by the recipies handed down from father to son for a cuisine that is simple and authentic. Some of our specialties are:
fried dumplings with stracchino cheese, grilled bread with a tri-colour topping, and polenta crostini with chicken-liver paste. The first courses use fresh home-made pasta: potato tortelli, pappaderlle with hare sauce, spinach and ricotta ravioli, ribollita, farro soup. Our famous “spider web” fried dishes, made with chicken, rabbit and vegetables are known worldwide. We have a wood-burning oven for roasts such as milk-fed pork, and guinea-hen with grapes. And, of course, a charcoal-grill for the beautiful and tasty bistecche alla Fiorentina.


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